Preschool Program

Ages 3 to 6 years old - 8:15 to 12:15 daily

A child works with screws and a screwdriver in the primary program.Dr. Maria Montessori (1870 – 1952) developed a philosophy of education, which helps children to develop and learn naturally, through spontaneous, self-directed activities.  She recognized that during the first six years of life, children experience a series of "sensitive periods".  We take advantage of these “sensitive periods” by helping the children refine their senses and assisting them in perfecting these natural learning tools.

Montessori school is a miniature society in which children live and work cooperatively.  An important factor in establishing a community feeling is having a three-year age range in class.  Since each student proceeds at his or her own pace, each is better able to value his/her own accomplishments rather than comparing himself or herself with the others in his age group.  Another advantage is that the older children become role models for and teachers of the younger ones.

It is important to note that the primary program extends into the kindergarten year.  The leadership and consolidation of concepts that happens in this third year are an important culmination of a child’s experience in the Montessori primary program.  A third year student stays in the afternoon (11:30 to 3:00) to participate in the Extended Day (Kindergarten) program with his/her peers.

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